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Who is the woman Oscar Pistorius Brother Carl Pistorius Killed?


Well it appears to be the Pistorius family is going through some year! Now is not only Oscar facing charges for allegedly murdering his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, at his home on February 14 but his older brother Carl is facing his own trial for manslaughter over death of a female motorcyclist in car crash!


Carl Pistorius studied at the Pretoria Boys Hugh School, he then studied computing and information system at the University of London, and Accounting Services at the University of Pretoria.

Carl who was raised in a Christian family, has always shown support for her brother, you can read on his twitter:

Futile is the labour of those who fatigue themselves with calculations to square the circle

But now he is going through issues of his own. Carl faces a charge of culpable homicide, or negligent killing, wore a dark suit and was accompanied at Vanderbijlpark Magistrates’ Court in Johannesburg by his sister, Aimee.

Prosecutors say Carl Pistorius was driving an SUV in March 2008 when he collided with a female motorcyclist. The woman died in the hospital.

Marietjie Barnard, is the woman who Carl killed in a “tragic accident” as  he describes.

Marietjie Barnard is believed to have formed part of the centurions motorcycle club in Africa. A panegyric was written on her behalf saying how she will be remembered  by her friends and family; also stating the accident took place on March 8th but she passed on March 14, 2008; making a reference of her as a good friend who’s laughter will be missed. Sending messages of strength and sympathy to her daughters and rest of her relatives. The family had lost 2 other members to motorcycle accidents, Marietjie husband and son.

Sad an tragic there is no question about it. But could this tragedy mean to Carl some time in prison?? He pleaded not guilty to two alternative charges of driving in a reckless and inconsiderate manner. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Although the culpable homicide charge against Carl was initially dropped, it was reinstated this year because forensic evidence and reports from the accident scene became available, according to prosecutors.

Initial proceedings in Carl Pistorius’s case today focused on a request by South Africa’s national broadcaster, SABC, to show the trial proceedings live on television or record them for later use. But Magistrate said porters could attend the trial but turned down the SABC request, saying he wanted to guard against “emotional hype” due to Oscar’s case and the unraveled media attention.

“He’s not a celebrity in his own

Said the Magistrate Buks du Plessis.

You can find Carl Pistorius on Facebook here.


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