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Travel Tips: Travelling around the world can teach you


They say that travelling broadens a person’s horizons, and that is certainly true, but travelling also has other lessons to teach us. The mere fact that, when travelling, we are often pushed outside our comfort zone and our routines are broken; travelling around the world teaches us many other lessons too. Here are ten invaluable lessons, that only travelling can teach you:

1. Traveling around the world can teach you patience

Patience is a virtue that is in rapid decline these days. We expect things to be available instantly and we get annoyed when anything is late. The regular traveller learns that patience is still a virtue, especially when flights are delayed, taxis don’t turn up or service in another country is not as attentive as it is in your own.

2. Ingenuity

When travelling, you can often be faced with problems that can only be solved by your own ingenuity, even if it is only how to keep the kids occupied for six hours in an airport terminal. When people travel, they leave behind them, their usual support network and that means that they learn to rely on their own inventiveness to solve problems.

3. Traveling around the world can also teach you tolerance

Another thing that travelling does, is it makes us mix with people that we would never usually mix with. The moment you enter an airport terminal, you can find yourself standing behind the person who can’t find their travel documents at the check in, then behind a person who thought it would be OK to take a Swiss Army knife through security and then, when you do finally get to your airplane seat, the kid behind wants to play football on the back of your seat. Yes, travelling certainly teaches you to be more tolerant!

4. Living without your phone and Facebook

What?! Eight hours with no cell phone?! Once you get over the initial withdrawal symptoms, you find that life can be quite pleasant without your electronic gadgets. You don’t need to be texting or posting every hour of the day, and a few long haul flights will soon teach you how nice it can be, to be ‘unattainable’ for a while.

5. You don’t know, until you try

Travelling also teaches you that you really should try more different things, because you never know if you will like something, until you do it. Food is the prime example of this and, when travelling, you get the opportunity to try many different kinds of food. In fact, even a burger can taste different in some countries, though it’s probably best not to ask why.

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