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Shaunae Miller Dives over Finish Line


Shaunae Miller Dives over Finish Line to Grab 400m Olympic Gold at #Rio2016

Bahamas’ Shaunae Miller, 22, on Monday night, dove over the finish line to grab gold in the 400m women’s final at Rio Olympics.

Miller dive

Miller dive

Shaunae had been leading for the first half of the race but U.S.A.’s Allyson Felix caught up in the last few steps.

Just when it was almost certain that Felix would win the game, Miller lunged face-first over the finish line, breaking the plane just 0.07 seconds before Felix and landing face down.

She even skinned her knees, but that was nothing compared to an Olympic gold.

Miller was certainly not complaining, either. Dives in other sports have negative connotations, including the sport that Brazilians hold dearest, which is also the sport usually played at the Olympic Stadium.

Dive by Shaune Miller

Dive by Shaune Miller

But track and field is not soccer, and at least for now the rules allow a runner to leave her feet as she crosses the line.

“We do continue to look at our rules to make sure they are current,” said Chris Turner, a spokesman for the International Association of Athletics Federations, track’s world governing body. “If we start seeing a pattern of these sorts of things, we’d look at that. But it’s first across the line, not the first across the line in the most graceful way. It’s very well policed what crossing the line means.”

Although there was plenty of general public confusion Monday night, it also does not matter if a runner’s feet or hands or head cross the line ahead of an opponent. The finish order is determined by when a runner’s torso crosses the line, and the photo at the finish Monday night

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