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Liz Janetta-Jon Gosselin’s Girlfriend


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Jon Gosselin has been dating Liz Jannetta for over a year now, but it seems they might be have a few bumps in the road. They are going to be one of the couples appearing on VH1’s show “Couple’s Therapy”. Yeah, another reality show for Jon!

Liz Jannetta is a 28 year old mother of three children of her own. Her kids are all younger than Jon’s brood of eight, and are said to all get along well. She is divorced, and works with computers. She and her family live just outside Philadelphia, Pa. Liz was the target of Kate’s anger when she tweeted photos of one of her kids hugging one of Liz’s pitbulls.

Jon said that he and Liz love to do things together with their 11 kids! “They look so cute together, her three little blondes with mine, who are all dark haired.” Liz knew who Jon was when they met, and did not shy away from the fact. He moved in with Liz and her three kids late in July of last year. They had been dating for around six or seven months at the time. Jon loves to cook for the big family. He says that after cooking for eight kids, all he does is open another can, and he has food for 11! Wonder what kind of cans he opens.

What problems will this couple be bringing to the faux therapist’s couch? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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