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Lea Michele: I’m ‘pretty comfortable’ being naked


Lea Michele insists she was “pretty comfortable” stripping off for a magazine photoshoot.

The ‘Scream Queens’ star wasn’t worried about stripping off for a magazine photoshoot and joked the crew were actually more nervous than she was.

Speaking on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she said: “I was pretty comfortable being naked but it was still strange. I feel like everyone there was more nervous than I was. They were like, ‘Okay, do you need the air at a certain temperature and the music and we’ll all clear around?’ And I was like: ‘I’m fine!’

“It wasn’t until 30 minutes later I was just standing next to this guy I’d never met before stark naked. And I was like, ‘This is the most exciting my life has been in a little while!'”

Meanwhile, the 30-year-old actress previously admitted she has “never loved her body more” than she does right now.

She said: “You have to look good, but you also have to feel good. So I find workouts that take of both those things. You always have to have faith, because life is going to throw things at you. You just have trust that there is a plan.

“I really pride myself on the people that I surround myself with and how I take care of myself, so my ground is stable beneath me. I’ve never loved my body more than I do right now. And I’m so grateful that I feel that way.”

And Lea freely admits she doesn’t go to the gym every day but is more focused on feeling healthy in herself.

She added: “It’s so important for me to stress that being healthy is not about being a gym rat. It’s not about being 90 lbs. This is really how I live every single day.”

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