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Kanye West to make the world ‘doper’ for kids


Kanye West wants to make the world “doper” for children everywhere.

The rapper says his three-year-old daughter North and eight-month-old son Saint have inspired him to create a place where children’s lives are enriched.

He told E! News: “Everything that I do now is to [make things], I don’t want to say better because who’s to say if it’s better, but fresher or doper. Make a cooler world for my kids and everybody’s kids’ sake.”

And the 39-year-old star is determined to use his influence to make art as important as business is around the world.

He added: “Just bring art to the front. That’s my push in society… I use my platform that I have as a really well known artist to push art and make art equal to commerce.”

He also doesn’t mind being called a “role model” for his efforts.

He said: “(People) seem like they hate when they mention my role models like I shouldn’t mention their name. I would hope that people would mention my name if I’m one of their role models.”

Meanwhile, he recently admitted he tried to prove he was “cool enough” to date his wife Kim Kardashian West.

While the pair are now happily married, Kanye said he pined for Kim, 35, from afar for many years and hoped that one day she would notice him and decide he was worthy of her.

He said: “Her [spirit] was there even before she was my girlfriend. I would do these performances and hope that she would see me in my cool outfit and think that I would be cool enough to be her boyfriend.”

Kanye kicked off his 39-date ‘Saint Pablo’ tour last week and can’t wait until Kim and their children, North, three and eight-month-old Saint, join him on the road.

He said: “To be able to see my daughter and my son and my wife, it’s amazing. I feel extremely blessed and I’d like to do everything I can to give as dope a performance, give all of that energy to the crowd, have people have as good as time as possible and feel inspired.”

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