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Jackie Youngblood – Real Estate Agent to Nudists


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Who would have thought? This 61 year old grandmother will be on a two part special on TLC, next week, called Buying Naked. No, she won’t be naked (more on that later), but her clients will!

This Pasco County Fla., real estate agent, Jackie Youngblood, has been specializing in nudists clients in one of the largest nudists colonies in the world. On the TV show, clients will be nude, although we don’t know if this means that all nudists look for homes in the buff.

Jackie has become the go to person for those who like to live their lives in their birthday suits. She is very comfortable with her specialized clientele. She began selling real estate in 2004, and her slogan these days is “Skip the outfit, wear the lifestyle”.

This sixty one grandmother of 8 and mother of four has been married to her husband Bill for over 27 years. She likes reading mysteries and romances, traveling and poetry. She also loves riding her motorcycle. She graduated from Georgia Southern University with a degree in Psychology and a minor in business.

But the truth is there is a secret to her success with this unorthodox clientele. Have you guessed?  Although she NEVER works naked, she and her husband are nudists too! They live in a 2,300-square-foot villa in Caliente. Last year she earned more than $150,000.00 in gross commissions.

“If I call my nudist people up and we meet on the premises, they might be nude. I always say, you come how you’re comfortable, but I will be wearing clothes, because I never show property nude. When I’m working, I’m professional.”

She gives new meaning to the phrase “clothing optional”!

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