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Ghana: Missing woman emerges from sea



A 20-year-old woman who disappeared from Prampram in the Greater Accra Region about three months ago, on Tuesday dawn emerged from the sea alive, traditional priest of Oshekuwem of Lower Prampram, Osheku Wornor Nartey, has said.

Miss Akweley Duamoh, a fishmonger, is said to have emerged from the sea at Prampram at about 0400 hours on Tuesday, after the making of libation and performance of some rituals.

Addressing the media, Osheku Wornor Nartey, said  the woman disappeared at a time she was being prepared for initiation rites to become a traditional priestess.  He said the police was not informed of the appearance because after an intense search for her, the “gods informed them that she has been carried into the sea.”

Rituals were therefore performed persistently at the beach for the past two months, until the gods informed them of the intended return of Duamoh, the traditional priest said. He stated that they saw a thick cloud at the beach Tuesday dawn after which they made libation and performed rituals from at about 0100 to 0400 hours when she emerged.

The woman, Duamoh, emerged from the sea naked, and was led to her family house, where a goat was slaughtered and libation made to welcome her back home.

Duamoh, has now successfully gone through the needed initiation rites and now named Osheku woryo.

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