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Christine Gibson is Criminal Minds actor Thomas Gibson’s Wife [PHOTOS]


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There have been some videos spreading all over regarding a relationship that came to an end involving Gibson and a woman who was a fake! I knew Gibson has been married to his wife Christine Gibson since 1993 and they have three kids.

Gibson and his wife Christine have three children: James Parker, Travis Carter and Agatha Marie. He and his family reside in San Antonio, TX. James Parker Gibson (born June 23rd 1999), Travis Carter Gibson (born July 1st 2002) and Agatha Marie Gibson (born April 28th 2004).

Christine Gibson’s bio

Christine Gibson was born in 1966 in San Antonio, Texas, USA and she is an actress. One of her new roles was in the film Octopussy. There is not much out there regarding her, she is an actress yes but not juicy stuff is on internet. If you do have some nice stuff or even dirty laundry to tell don’t hesitate to share your mind here 😉

I guess the recent info about her hubby is nothing pleasant for her but behind closed doors we never know so we can’t judge what are her reactions towards this thing. If they have been together for so long then there is love in the air still.

Who are we to judge so hard the artists? They are also human beings! Just place yourself in their wouldn’t like to be exposed as these two.

You would be saying why on earth she says that, I mean I write about showbiz, but let’s have a little respect for some longtime marriages. I’ve said!


Doomsday, rebus, the last king of Scotland, the jacket.

HAS WORKED WITH: Urney and Adrien Brody

Bob Hoskins, Simon Mcb

Christine’s twitter here.

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  1. Inspired says:

    Her name is Cristina Roene Parker Gibson That twitter is not hers. Her sister is a well known urologist in SA. Good authority has it that she is the cheater in the household.

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