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Cheyenne Lutek- Nekkid Model eating at East Village restaurants


cheyenne lutek topless model

Now this is what I call being comfortable in your own skin! Cheyenne Lutek started modeling when she was 16-years-old; born in southern New Jersey on June 26, 1994 she attended Arthur P. Schalick High School and graduated last year.

A decided and “sparkling personality” according to her website she decided to move to New York city to pursue her modeling and acting dreams. According to her site she is studying to obtain certification as a personal trainer and as a realtor, while also writing a book. She enjoys fitness and staying fit is a long term goal that she has in her life.

Cheyenne who possess an incredible figure at only 19, caused major mayhem among the diners who got a free show as she posed for her most recent gig. She was hired by Craigslist photographer Allen Henson, 29, to pose for a photo series of nude women in public. The pair visited three East Village restaurants Tuesday. The 5-foot-9 blond is part of three other models that Henson is planning to snap.

She posted on twitter “Shooting for insider Edition on the topic of women’s rights”

cheynne lutek photos

The recently graduated from High School 19-year-old left little to imagination and was kicked out of the first joint she and photographer tried to “work” but later moved on to a sushi place that was happy to have them.

Cheyenne, who’s twitter description of herself isModel, State Champion, advocate for women’s rights, and soon to be published author, she was crowned the 2012 New Jersey State Champion in track and field for the event of Discus. According to her Facebook she speaks English and French..could it be she is following on the steps of French models such as stunning Camile Rowe?

cheyenne lutek -sexy shootcheyenne lutek -sexy shoot2

Lutek is apparently big on gay and women’s rights, so she showed some skin for the cause, what do you think??

cheyenne lutek -sexy shoot3

Man from everywhere, you don’t want to miss her on International “Go Topless Day” on August 25.

You can take a look at her website here and see more pictures of her here.

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  1. sandy says:

    I met Miss Cheyenne Lutek while she was doing her photo shoot for the Daily News. She was charming, both physically and mentally, just so you know! After speaking with her, I realized that under that pretty face lie a wonderful young woman fighting for equality. And at her age of nineteen she is doing much better than the rest of us, for sure!

  2. Ernesto David says:

    Cheyenne is perhaps the only activist of the Outdoor Topless Co-ed Pulp-fiction Appreciation Society , a newyorker group in defense for women’s right for equality who’s name os known. She is a wonderful defender of women legal right for top-free out going.

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