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Carlos Ortiz- Aaron Hernandez’s Accomplice in Odin Lloyd’ Murder


carlos ortiz linked to odin lloyd murder

As days go by police are continuing to look into the case of Odin Lloyd’s death and although it might be hard for fans it looks like Hernandez’ who was once one of the top young players in the NFL for the Patriots has fallen off from grace and glory as his neck is way into deep connection with the murder even being appointed as the master mind, according to evidence found.

But reports say that Hernandez did not act alone and now police have arrested a second man in Connecticut in connection to Odin’s death. That man is from Puerto Rican descent, 27-year-old Carlos Ortiz who is no stranger to the law; having an extensive criminal history he was initially picked up on probation violation charges.

carlos ortiz facebookcarlos ortiz facebook2

Ortiz was taken by police earlier today and is scheduled to appear in court July 23. According to his Facebook profile Carlos A. Ortiz is a native from Bristol, Con. In 2000 he started attending school at New Britain High School graduating in the class of 2004. The following year Ortiz enrolled in Connecticut College where he was part of the basketball program. The same year a younger Carlos started working for “Doo Woop” a music project he created but abandoned after a year.

He has one sister Tina, aunt Myrta Ortiz and a wife! Brittany. The picture below is a picture of his mother where he wrote “I love you mom”

carlos ortiz family

Carlos is also father to a little boy with Minnie Patton.

Minnie Patton Carlo Ortiz girlfriend picMinnie Patton Carlo Ortiz girlfriend

A Washington Post report said that Carlos Ortiz is now being held on a $1.5 million bond at the Hartford Correctional Center in Connecticut! Ortiz has already appeared in court and agreed that he won’t fight extradition to Massachusetts.

As for former tight end Hernandez, since his arrest yesterday he has pleaded not guilty to the murder and guns violation charges.

carlos A  Ortiz Aaron Hernandez Odin Lloyd mugshot carlos A  Ortiz Aaron Hernandez Odin Lloyd

What do you think of this picture? Who did what? Was Hernandez the master mind and Ortiz the hit man??

carlos Ortiz aaron Hernandez odin lloyd pic Odin Lloyd pic Odin Lloyd

You can find Carlos Ortiz on Facebook here.

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  1. KatyMay says:

    Gee, a pit bull and neck tats…there’s a surprise! ….and the girl…um….lovely…

    • Vicky says:

      you dont know this people so stop talking and a bit bull and tattoos have nothing to do with it do you know this people or there family and the way they are I don’t think so. Keep your negative opinion to yourself. Because someone have tattoos or a dog don’t make them a bad person. Grow up

  2. Budda says:

    Yes it does,,,, culturally speaking. Tats, the pit bull …. Trying to be a Latino bad ass. Gangsta wanna be….suckling at the teat of NFL Hernandez money……

    I feel sorry for the deceased family… Rest of it…..don’t care….

    GO J E T S ..

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