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Alexian Lien- SUV Driver Attacked by Motorcycle Gang


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It was a shocking moment in the heart of New York City when the driver of a SUV, Alexian Lien, was forced from his vehicle and beaten by a group of bikers, in front of his wife and infant daughter.

Alexian Lien wife

In a video captured by a helmet cam of one of the bikers it appears that the SUV struck a cyclist when the cyclist braked in front of him. Fearing for the safety of his family,  Lien drove off quickly, hitting several bikers as he did. According to one report, one of the bikers suffered a broken leg. Jeremiah Mieses, 26 was hospitalized after he being run over by Lian.

Jeremiah Mieses Alexian Lien suv bikers Jeremiah Mieses Alexian Lien

The bikers gave chase, and finally caught up with Lien as he slowed down for Manhattan traffic. When he had to stop, the bikers immediately ran to attack the vehicle, smashing windows with their helmets.

Lien was dragged from the vehicle and beaten by several bikers. He was taken to the hospital where he received treatment for lacerations to his face and body. He was shortly released.

Some reports state that there have been no arrests and that police are investigating the incident. But according to WCBS TV in New York, Christopher Cruz, 28, was charged with reckless endangerment, reckless menacing and endangering the welfare of a child.

The encounter took place last Sunday ay around 2:00 p.m. Motorcyclist from different groups had planned a last summer ride but police had cancelled the event, as it had become too disruptive the year before. According to one biker, Lien had yelled obscenities at them. He also says that at first no one was aggressive towards Lien and only trying to find out what happened.

Watch the video below and form your own opinion.

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  1. Drew says:

    the windows were closed…unless u can lip read u fools

    • slow rider says:

      HAhahaha. exactly, what if he was talking to his wife and kids and these unintelligent bikers think it is addressing to them, aww , somehow that dude understand chinese lip reading….haaha

  2. scallywag says:

    We can agree that Alexian Lien probably felt intimidated and that he felt no choice but to plow through the pack of bikers to escape. But can we agree that it had to now lead to one man now paralyzed for the rest of his life? Who’s at fault here and what other issues are at stake …..? Did Lien go too far….?

    • Mike says:

      Hell no he didnt. The A***hole who stopped in front of the SUV should be charged with what happen to his friend. He is the one who started it. That’s just a trick. How dare you even say anything against a man trying to protect his family. God i wish it was me… Most of them would be sleeping 6 feet under. Hoodlums!!!! waste of time and breath. they wake up with the idea that they will harm someone.

    • Kristy says:

      Who’s at fault for the paralyzed biker?? Maybe the mob should have 100% of that accountability. If he didn’t want to get hit by the car…. maybe he shouldn’t of been involved in the chaos.

    • Roymond says:

      Mieses didn’t even have the license to ride the motorcycle. I ain’t going to agree with him running over a man that is a troublemaker. Get your A** off the road and this would have never happen to you. His license is revoke until 2017. How do you want us to side with you and pity you when you don’t even follow the law?

    • Sue says:

      Lien went too far???!!!!!! COME ONNNNNN!!!!! Was he supposed to wait inside his car and let the bunch of “Wild Angry People” went at him and his wife and daughter?!?!?!?!?!?!?! What on earth that you could even presume that he went too far??!?!?!?!?!?! OBVIOUSLY, cannot be more clear that, he was trying to run away from the MOB!!!! Who is at fault ?!?!?!?!?!?! NOT ONE SECOND IN MY HEAD THAT IT WAS THE MOB!!! COULD THEY HAVE TAKEN DOWN THE LICENSE PLATE OF THE SUV AND CALL THE COPS AND LET THE COPS DEAL WITH LIEN?!?!?!?!?!???????? WHICH PART DON’T THEY UNDERSTAND?!?!?!?!? What made the mob has to chase down Lien?!?!?!?! They had all the time in the world to just write down the plate number of the vehicle and go after the driver LEGALLY. Instead, they took the whole matter into their own wrong hands. Now tell me who’s at fault !!!!!!!!

  3. krystal says:

    No, he had no other choice, he had to protect his family. The bikers went too far.

    • mad biker says:

      hope your kid rides a bike and gets ran over for mo reason you piece of sh eet!!

      • Kristy says:

        I ride a bike… spouse does and so do my kids… if any of my kids were involved in something like this I would drive them to the police station myself! The pieces of sh*t are the ones not following the traffic laws and causing chaos, mad biker. If you believe they shouldn’t be accountable, maybe you should sell your bike and get a bus pass.

      • slow rider says:

        you are responsible for your friends injuries, from now on i hope you biker will learn to ride and obey all traffic laws. he wouldn’t have ran your buddy over if yall didn’t smash and slash his suv and put him in panic mode to protect its natural instinct. analogy for you unintelligent bikers: 3 cars riding along, first 2 stop on the dime at a light but the 3rd fail to stop in time and crash into the number 2 car and the number 2 car smash into the 1st car killing someone, whos at fault? of course the one who wasn’t paying attention car number 3 and ran into car number 2 pushing his car into number 1 killing the driver, SO? who provoke the accident in this SUV incident? you must be to dumb to answer.

      • Sue says:

        Hi “mad biker” (what a name!!!), you really should use your BRAIN to think, not your ass!!!! You prove to the world again that it is people like you on the road that makes the road unbelievably more dangerous. If ANY kids ride a bike like the way showing in the video, I guarantee you that the kid is asking the same thing happen to them. One word sums it up for these bikers who got involved ………….. IRRESPONSIBLE!!!!

  4. Nino says:

    Of all the footage I’ve seen most of the bikers were driving aggressive and wreckless, and braking in front of a SUV on the highway…really? How smart can you be? It’s provoking an accident! Sure the motorist wanted to exchange information in a calm and civilised manner…he problably isn’t a macho, threatening hothead (sarcasm). Unfortunate for the man in the coma…he should have just drove on and not stop in front of a SUV in the middle of a highway.

  5. Luke says:

    These bikers tried to surround a guy with a family and force him to move because they are in a big group. If these bikers surrounded me with my family there and thought they could “force” me to watch as the surround me and my family, I would do the exact same thing. Surround my car and not letting me or my family go is 1 thing (though I liken this to forcable confinement or kidnapping), but trying to aggresively approach the vehicle after (they clearly wanted to fight) with his family trapped there is too much. Every single biker stopping that man from leaving with his family while they attempted to fight/attack him deserves to be paralyzed

  6. mad biker says:

    they should cut off both his legs– a car plows over motorcyclists for no good reason he hit the biker not the other way around…. i think all bikers need to carry guns– period bastard was lucky that wasn’t me

    • Michael Wynn says:

      Mad Biker, you are one of the dumbest biker I’ve ever seen….lol. Your comment didn’t help much but further damage other bikers’ public image. But well, what can we expect from you guys, an adult with 5th grade educational background spend half of your life collecting welfare checks.

    • slow rider says:

      to bad your little pee shooter can’t do crap if you ran into me, i ride with my AK on the side with a spare clip, if it was me, there would be alot of bikes with bodies laying next to it, the hwy does not all belong to bikers, ride and share the road responsibly. you talk like you a bad ass rider, but without your homies you ain’t nothing. get off your bike and walk towards me i got something for all of you who surround my car. you can be mad all you want.

    • Sue says:

      “mad biker” … you should be the one in jail by now, and keep away from the public forever!!! for what you comment, you are really dangerous to the public …. it is people like you that should be caught!

    • idiots says:

      hi mad biker your an idiot some group of bikers did that down south they would get shot for surrounding me and my daughter period! watch the footage of before the came accross the suv they are all idiots and make us who enjoy ridingour motorcyles a bad rep. nobody deserves to get hurt at all but when you endanger the life of a innocent child because you want to be a damn idiot on your bike you got everything coming to you! EVERYONE knows what they were doing we see it all the time with group especially down here for bike week, dont try and make excuses for them. they are lucky i wasnt driving the suv because i would have shot that idiot in a heartbeat.

    • Brain! Find one? says:

      Wow mad biker, I bet you don’t even ride! IT BE TO MUCH TO PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR A!! I ride I have my whole life! Started about age 5 I’m 40 now! I love to have fun and act like a a!! at times still tho! I never really understood these “group rides” No one is saying don’t do it! Stunt all you want! Act like a fool some may like to watch? WTF kill yourself many would probably like to watch!!! All anyone with a brain is asking? DO IT AT THE TRACK, A SHOW, PARKING LOT even a back road! Anywhere there is NO ONE ELSE for you to hurt! BTW I ride a sport bike and race one as well, If it was me and my family? I would have ran over them and stayed on the highway and never stopped to the Police showed up!

  7. johnson says:

    Yes, a man with his wife and a 2 year old baby in the car would try to pick a fight with a group of bikers by cursing at them. I’m sure my wife would beat me senseless for being an idiot. So let’s get real. And the video clips speak for themselves.

  8. Jesus says:

    Folks, proof is right there they were trying to assault Lien’s family. Just look at the passenger window and in another photograph, one of the motorcyclists opened the rear door with the toddler. WOW.

  9. Tiffany says:

    Im Sorry that the Guy is in a coma, but he shouldn’t have been involved with the other bikers by attacking a innocent family, no matter what the cause!! I would have done the same thing, he honked his horn and tried to get away as best he could, I would have been terrified, if the biker wasnt involved in the attack, why was he so close to his car to get run over??

  10. Andrea says:

    I too ride, my husband and just about every family member and friend ride. We ride every kind of bike from street bike to bagger. I’m amazed at MADBIKER’s comments. What an idiot! Its a shame that the kid that got hit is paralyzed, but its also a shame that its his own fault! There are rules and laws, he clearly knew what he was doing was wrong. Hopefully he will speak out and do the right thing by telling people what he did was wrong and that now he is suffering the consequences. There are many lessons to be learned by this. I’m sure this video will be used in motorcycle training classes in the future as to what NOT to do! I feel for the Liam family and hope this does not make them feel negative toward motorcycle riders. This just happened to be a group of idiot riders that thought they owned the rode!

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