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Snookie is condemned by critics


Snooki receives unfair amount of criticism over her latest selfie

There’s no denying Snooki looks very different from her young days, but some critics think she looks a little too different for their liking.

On Wednesday, Snooki took to Instagram to share a selfie in a bid to promote her latest venture, her YouTube channel. But the reaction to the post proves just how much fans and critics alike hate the fact that Snooki has altered her appearance.

“What have you done?” stephanieelrod asked.

“Ewww too much. Doesn’t look good. Yuck,” thestitchingscientist wrote.

Other critics took issue with Snooki’s lip injections — and this is not the first time Snooki has attracted unwanted attention because of her lips.

“Doesn’t that doc see her lips look bad? Bad advertising,” wendyp523 shared. Kimberkidd agreed, writing, “Good god please not more lips its [sic] all over ! @snookinic.”

Gkoukla also warned Snooki that she was altering her appearance too drastically. They wrote, “Honestly darling your beautiful and all but the lip injections are a little too much your beginning to look like a duck. I would lay off them.”

Other comments include, “F***ed them.lips up!!!!!!!,” “Too fake lips,” and “I love Snooki to death but she definitely needs to cool it with the lip injections. Like they are rediculous!!!! [sic]”

I hope she doesn’t cry after reading all of these.

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